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Oil & Gas


Offshore oil work requires accuracy and detail activities (up to 2000lm) to carry out the visual tasks in the facilities. Our LEDs provide high mounting options that help to maximize their overall illuminance, minimize glare, shadows and uneven lighting. For drilling rings, rugged luminaries must survive the vibration and harsh temperatures.
Moving the oil and gas across miles also implies constant lighting in infrastructure that might be exposed to stream weather conditions. Transportation of crude oil and gas requires keeping workers and their safety in mind. Fire is one of the top hazards across the industry makes it mandatory to account with explosion-proof certified equipment
Once oil and gas reach refineries extreme temperatures, explosions and fires are also constant concerns for workers, lighting installations with classified and T--rated equipment is always necessary to keep workers safe. The production in all the oil and gas industry is under constant shock and vibration which makes it time-consuming to replace the luminaries and production downtime result in significant costs. LEDs have a longer lifespan (up to 20 years maintenance-free operation) which lowers costs avoiding costly maintenance.