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Paint Booth


The LED technology for a paint booth lighting should meet safety requirements while providing improved lighting effectiveness. In the paint booth, lighting fixtures must allow constant brightness to capture paint real colors reproduction without dye effects. LEDs can provide a sealing to keep the paint particles from entering the interior of the fixture, but also to keep moisture (when the booth is being cleaned) from entering the fixture. 
Moreover, light fixtures for these facilities usually work at 230W through an efficient external LED driver, which allows heat dissipation and, consequently, increase the performance and life of each LED. The fixtures’ working temperature also needs to meet the specific needs of the paint booths, operating within a range of -30ºC and up to 70ºC.

The volatility in environments like the painting booth requires specialized lighting to guarantee effectiveness and reliability reducing ignition possibilities under flammable circumstances. When choosing lighting for a painting booth, it is mandatory to choose appropriate fixtures. These lighting systems must allow to see the paint color without any effects and they must be placed to allow maximum coverage within the facility. Inadequate lighting makes it difficult for the painter to clearly see the area being painted; for instance, when the area being painted lies on the lower portion of an automobile painting booth. Working in a paint booth requires attention to detail to produce high quality work and precise inspections. This can only be achieved completely when the lighting is set to produce wide and bright beams, without shadows and with great color clarity.

LED lights can offer significant advantages in a paint booth. Usually, they can be easily integrated into any new or existing equipment, without having to replace previous systems. They are approved by agencies that regulate the hazardous locations lighting.Our fixtures’ performance is far superior to those of a standard LED tube which allows us to offer an LED for booths of exclusive paint. Not only they save energy, allow workers to obtain much more accurate final results, but they are also a more sustainable and overall safer choice.