Knight™ FEL-I Linear EMB

40W / 80W
Features / Advantages
  • Best-in-class system efficacy - Up to 136 Lm / W
  • Charge time 24h, Discharge time 1.5h
  • Wide ambient temp. range from - 20°C to + 45 °C ( -4°F ~ + 113°F)
  • Safe and reliable heat transfer - Offering a T-rating of T6 ( CID1 )
  • Instant on/off operation
  • Shock-and vibration-resistant - Durable LEDs with solder-less board connection
  • Copper-free aluminum body and corrosion resistant
  • All exposed fasteners with quality stainless steel
  • Thermal shock and impact resistant tempered glass
  • Slim and compact design

Specsheet Installation Guide IES

Safe and reliable performance

Offering a T-code of T6 (CID1), much cooler than conventional fixtures, with operating ambient temperature - 20°C to + 45 °C in emergency mode

Smart Lens choices


For Max lumen output


For Minimum glare

60° & Type II

For different beam spread

Easy Installation

Built-in three WAGO 221 Lever Connector with 3-pole 4mm² max conductor for easy wiring
Captive screw applied for secure fastening and quickly re-installation of wiring compartment

Protect your investment

Surge protector accessories available to add and protect the device from voltage spikes

Extra safety

Safety cable accessory available to add and protect the device from dislocation

No-compromise Warranty

NJZ warrant to the original purchaser, all delivered products should be free from defects in the material and workmanship for up to 5-Year from the date of installation (or 30 days after date of shipment to the Purchaser),battery excluded

Durability Test