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LED High Temperature Lighting

Helios High Temperature High Bay Light, which is applied to ambient high temperature working area where operation temperature may reach 80°C, such as Steel plant, Aluminum smeltery, and other High-temperature, dust, corrosive gas environment.
NJZ-FLH Series offers higher efficacy for increased energy savings, lower maintenance costs and shorter paybacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty policy of the high temperature lights?

We offer limited warranty for Helios™ FLI series: 4-year Warranty ( 12Hrs / Day )or 30000hrs at Ta=+65℃-+80℃. 5-year Warranty ( 24Hrs / Day ) at Ta=-40℃-+65℃. LED lumen Maintenance: L70>75,000 Operation Hours at 80℃.
Also, we offer limited warranty for Heat™ FLH series: 5-Year Limited Warranty for 43,800hrs at 60℃, LED lumen Maintenance at L70>110,000 Operation Hours at 70℃. As for warranty for drivers, 2.5 years if operates 24/7 constantly for 20,000 hours at 70℃, and 3.5 years for 30,000 hours at 65℃.

What are the applications for the high temperature lights?

Our high temperature light fixtures have outstanding versatility to meet the demand of various industrial environments with high ambient temperatures. Examples of application including steel plants, aluminum smelteries, power plants, as well as wet applications in heavy industrial plants, foundries, steel mills, pulp paper mills, aircraft hangars and shipyards. Furthermore, our high temperature lights can be utilized in many hot desert regions around the world.

What certifications does your high temperature lights have?

We are UL / CE / RoHS / FCC certificated, which can be applied to most of countries in the world. There is also double coupling design guarantees IP66 / IP67 protection for wet locations. Our high temperature lights are installed with thermal shock and impact resistant tempered glass (IK08) or PC Lens (IK10), as well as imported tempered glass lens, which is non-yellowing and non-cracking for long term application.

Can the high temperature light work under 100°C?

Yes, Helios™ High Bay can work under an environment of 100°C temporarily, but long-term use will reduce the working life of the lights, and it is not included in our warranty policy. The warranty temperature is less than 80°C and we recommend the usage environment of our high temperature lights does not surpass 80°C for longer working life.

High Temperature Lighting Application