Harsh and Hazardous Location lighting Manufacturer
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Performance and reliability counts

Rugged built to survive in the harshest environments of high-temp, corrosion, water and dust, shock and vibrations

The most powerful and efficient 70C high bay

Four lumen outputs provide 400-2000W HID/MH equivalent lighting (29,000 to 116,000Lm) that saves 70% percent in maintenance and energy costs

Smart Lens choices

Glass Lens
For Max light distribution & lumen output with 120° lens

PC Lens
For narrow & assymetric beam spread with 15° / 30° / 60° / 90° / 30*120° /Type III optics

Protect your investment

Surge protector accessories available to add and protect the device from voltage spikes

Extra safety

Safety cable accessory available to add and protect the device from dislocation

No-compromise Warranty

NJZ warrant to the original purchaser, all delivered products should be free from defects in the material and workmanship for up to 5-Year from the date of installation (or 30 days after date of shipment to the Purchaser)

Durability Test