Thunder™ FEL-M Flood

80W / 120W / 150W / 200W
Features / Advantages
  • High luminous efficacy-Up to 160 Lm/W
  • Input Voltage: AC100~277V, AC347~480V (50/60Hz)
  • Instant illumination and restrike no warm-up time required
  • Valid over the entire temperature range from -40°C upto +65°C(-40°F ~+149°F)
  • Safe and reliable heat transfer-Offering a T-rating of T4A (CI D2 / CII D1 / CIII)
  •  Shock and vibration resistant-Durable LEDs with solderless board connection
  • Anti-corrosion housing tested 1000hrs to standard ASTM”B117-11”
  • All exposed fasteners with quality stainless steel 316
  • High Temperature silicone gasketing
  • Thermal shock and impact resistant tempered Glass or PC Lens

Specsheet Installation Guide IES

The most powerful and efficient flood

Four lumen outputs provide 320-1000W HID/MH equivalent lighting (12,000 to 30,000Lm) that saves 70% percent in maintenance and energy costs

Smart Lens Choices

*Above three options both available in polycarbonate and tempered glass


For Max light distribution & lumen output with T1 / T3 / T5 optics


For Minimum glare

Drop Lens

For Wide beam spread

6 Mounting Options




Stanchion 90°

Stanchion 25°


Protect your investment

Wire guard accessories available to add and protect the device from impact

Protect your investment

Surge protector accessories available to add and protect the device from voltage spikes

Extra safety

Safety cable accessory available to add and protect the device from dislocation

Durability Test