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LED Will Become The Future Mainstream of Industrial Lighting

  • Aug 25, 2022
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LED lights become the trend of industrial lighting, Industrial lighting is suitable for warehouses, production workshops and other places. Its powerful performance, accurate color temperature and energy-saving features make the work safer.
In the field of industrial lighting, due to its strict requirements for the production of lighting equipment, resulting in relatively high production costs of LED lighting equipment, the replacement process is late compared to other lighting applications, therefore, there is still a huge market space for the upgrade of lighting equipment in this field.
1.    LED industrial lighting market prospects
According to GGII, the global LED lighting penetration rate has reached 42.5% by the end of 2018, of which in the field of industrial lighting, the market penetration rate of LED lighting is still low compared to civil lighting, and the market size is expected to reach $19.3 billion by 2024
Although the current proportion of LED in industrial lighting is not high, but with the progress of production technology, LED with its many advantages, will gradually become the mainstream of industrial lighting

Industrial lighting main light source categories advantages and disadvantages
2.    Digitalization drives demand for smart lighting
Industrial lighting intelligence has become a new trend. By using intelligent lighting in industrial scenarios, simple on/off control can be updated to an intelligent lighting system that is automatic and consumes less energy.

The need for intelligent lighting upgrades in various areas of industrial lighting
3.    Global Energy Supply and Regulatory Impact
Regional unrest leads to energy supply constraints, Industrial production costs remain high, the advantages of LED green energy-saving more favored by industrial lighting. The continuous improvement of global energy consumption regulations is also prompting companies to transform, which also has a positive impact on LED becoming the mainstream of industrial lighting

Global Energy Price Chart