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Hazardous Location: The True value of NJZ Light Fixtures for Industrial Safety

  • Dec 13, 2021
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After a global pandemic caused work stoppages and delays for businesses all over the world, due to health and safety concerns, it became plainly obvious that these can have far-reaching consequences for an organization.

An accidental fire or explosion in a workplace, a reduced labor force due to injury or chemical hazards not only affect the lives of employees but also significantly impacts an organization's operations. Thus ensuring the health and safety of a workforce is at the heart of a well-functioning organization, and it's the best way to ensure operations run smoothly.
Consequently, a major challenge for health and safety managers is to ensure the well-being of their workforce by preventing injuries and accidents by providing employees with the training and tools they need to keep them safe. To that end, NJZ hazardous location lighting products is dedicated to helping professionals stay safe on the job, especially those working in areas where potentially explosive atmospheres exist.
This occurs when a mixture of air gases, vapors, mists, or dusts combine in a way that can ignite under certain operating conditions. Therefore explosion-proof machinery is needed to prevent such catastrophes, this includes sources of illumination such as flood lights, bay lights and work lights.
All explosion-proof lighting systems in Europe must comply with ATEX and in North America must comply with UL. All union directive that describes what equipment is allowed in an environment with a potentially explosive atmosphere.
NJZ products with its extensive range of lighting equipment produces a wide selection of bay lights, flood lights and linear lights appropriately certified according to the world's latest UL and ATEX directive. You can trust that NJZ lighting fixtures are built with the highest quality materials and to comply with the latest safety light certifications, so that you and your workforce may work with peace of mind in potentially hazardous areas all over the world.
Additionally NJZ explosion proof lights comply with and are tested according to ANSI standards. ANSI is a private non-profit organization that oversees the development of voluntary consensus standards for products, services, processes, systems and personnel. They developed performance standards and symbols to effectively communicate a light's features and benefits which a user can trust to select the best light for their needs. These standards measure features such as light output, runtime, beam distance, impact resistance and ingress protection from water and dust.
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