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Explosion proof lighting Retrofit

  • Nov 29, 2021
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Reducing the energy consumption of lamps and carbon emissions is now the trending topic all around the world. Retrofitting hazardous location explosion proof lighting is one of the way. Whether you have an indoor or outdoor fixture, these typically fit inside and provide great energy savings with decreasing or eliminating maintenance costs, all while increasing light levels. 
Using the latest LED lighting solutions replace traditional HID/MH fixtures,Four lumen outputs provide 320-1000W HID/MH equivalent lighting (12,000 to 30,000Lm) that saves 70% percent in maintenance and energy costs.
Lighting retrofit means money
Explosion proof lighting retrofitting is not easy, the installation of lighting in industrial environment is more complicated. The replacement of the old installation accessories requires a lot of cost, in a hazardous area, explosion protection and safety issues must be considered. So many companies have great difficulties in lighting retrofit.
NJZ Options for Retrofitting Legacy Fixtures
Transformer™ NJZ-RA Series Retrofit Adapter is designed for 1-for-1 retrofit installation and replacement in hazardous and ordinary locations, allowing facilities to utilize existing mounting hoods and conduit/wiring systems for a significant cost savings on labor and material, offering 7 different types for use with NJZ LED Luminaires “Warrior / Hammer / Thunder”.
Utilize existing mounting hoods and conduit/wiring systems for significant cost savings on labor and material.