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Explosion proof lighting 2020, Thunder™ NJZ-FEL-M series launched

  • Apr 30, 2020
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As a provider of professional lighting solutions for hazardous areas, NJZ lighting launches new explosion proof lighting products every year. This year of 2020 our hero is Thunder™ NJZ-FEL-M series, designed for harsh and hazardous locations,such as oil and gas, food and beverage, wastewater treatment plants or any other application where corrosion and vibration, presence of flammable gases or combustible dusts is a concern.

The warrior project was finished three years ago, the NJZ-FEL-D series was our best seller in 2018, approved by market to be a very successful product with its low weight and compact design, covering a lumen output from 6,000 to 10,000Lms, yet higher wattage with the same design is missing


In 2019, Thunder project was initiated to develop a higher lumen package model, meantime keep the consistent family look and top level performance for retrofit of existing MH and HID lighting from 320W all the way up to 1000W which saves 70 percent in maintenance and energy costs

Application of Thunder hazardous location lighting

For many in harsh and hazardous locations like power plants, paper mills, wastewater treatment plants, chemical processing facility and food processing plants. Finding a single lighting solution that offers the flexibility to cover the diverse mounting and the illumination needs for the entire plant make it nearly impossible

Performance of Thunder hazardous location lighting

in this section, we are going to get into the performance of Electrical and Optical

  • 4 power outputs provide up to 30,000 lumens, for mounting heights upto 60 feet
  • Provide equivalent lumens to replace exsiting 320 to 1000W conventional lighting fixtures
  • Universal voltage of 100~277V and 347 / 480V
  • 160lm/W is about the most efficient HAZLOC products you can find in the market without compromising the quality and safety requirements
  • 7 color temperature options of Warm 3000K, Neutral 4000K and Cool 5000K and color LEDs for special needs such as indication lighting and wildlife friendly purpose
  • 3 different light distributions make sure both indoor task and outdoor area applications are uniformly illuminated, Type 1 for places like tunnels, and narrow walkways,Type 3 for places like platform and roadways and Type 5 as flood for large and open areas.
  • 6 lens choices allow the fixture to customize to the application requirements whilst anti-glare and shatter-proof is a must
  • For controllability, we have 0-10V dimming driver come as standard

One universal top for both penant and ceiling mount

NJZ developed One universal top for both penant and ceiling mount, no extra wiring box required bracket is made of Heavy duty stainless steel, painted for uniform appearance and extra protection for stanchion and wall mount, you just need to add an adapter on top in total, we have 6 mounting options which means you can install the luminarie anywhere you need this contractor friendly "One Top design" saves your inventory, installation time and cost


Thunder FEL-M series, its contractor friendly design allows the fixture to be installed and maintained quickly and safely.

  • Entry: the hinge design is for easy access to internal components and hands-free wiring, what's more, built-in safety cable between hood and housing is added for extra safety during installation
  • Connect: built-in three WAGO 221 Lever Connector with 5-pole 4mm² max conductor
  • Finish: captive screw applied for secure fastening and quick installation

Five hubs with 3/4 NPT threads, one on top open as standard, five on sides sealed with plugs these settings in place make sure the installation won't be a deal breaker


Wire guard is available to add and protect the device from impact. Surge protectors are also available to add to protect the device from voltage spikes ( available in both 10KV models and 20KV enchanced ver. ) Safety cable through retention points casted in the housing for protecting the device from dislocation.

Marketing materials are available now, you can download via our website to get a quote, please contact your sales representative for the latest pricing. For more information, please check out our website /and follow us on youtube and linkedin