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What are High Bay-Fixtures and Why use Them in Industrial Lighting

  • Sep 29, 2019
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High Bay are lights that illuminate from high points to guarantee different activities in the working spaces. These luminaires are used in industrial applications with ceiling heights of up to 12 meters. The High Bay fixtures (luminaires with a fixation on the top) are very efficient and make the most of the addressing and targeting of the LED light. A particular consideration for the use of this type of luminaries is that it can illuminate vertical surfaces, as well as it can illuminate the floor of the working place. 
Vertical lighting is particularly important in facilities like in warehouses or distribution centers where elements are required to be picked up from a shelf. Currently, High Bay luminaires have evolved to be very specialized and specific and allow lighting in high compartments like in the aisles of a warehouse. In these applications, light not only requires flooding the area evenly to function well but also cover the hallways, the face of the shelves and the floor. High Bays are also designed to withstand hazardous conditions of the manufacturing and food processing facilities; for instance, frequent wash-downs, dusty conditions, protection against humidity, corrosion and higher temperatures. 
Depending on the height of your roof or facility and the lighting requirements, you may need High Bay for high mounting and low mounting heights. The High mounting ones are used to illuminate spaces with a height between 6 and 12 meters and have reflectors and angular lenses. The Low mounting luminaries are generally used on roofs with heights between 3 and 6 meters and also have reflectors or lenses that distribute the light with special angles to have a better light distribution. Unlike the Metal Halide systems, High Bay LEDs have instant-on function, a much longer lifespan and lower energy consumption.
Main applications where a High Bay (high and low mounting) fixtures are installed:
  • Manufacturing areas 
  • Warehouses
  • Food processing plants    
  • Cold storage
  • Exposition sites
  • Hangars
  • Parking lots 
  • Stadiums
In most of these applications, the greatest challenges are adequate lighting, reduction of energy consumption, safety, and the reduction of maintenance costs. LED High Bay lights for industrial applications can reduce energy consumption, they can reduce maintenance costs without incurring in frequent ramp costs to change the luminaires, and they are built to endure the harshest environments. 
The use of High Bay generating a uniform illumination (a well distributed and uniform light for open and high areas) safer conditions and a longer lifespan, altogether, make their implementation the best accessible choice for industrial lighting. At NJZ Lighting, we have a variety of High Bay luminaires like our Freedom High Bay and Helios High Temperature; at the same time, we are always ready to know more about your specific projects and objectives, so that we can provide you with the lighting systems that best meet your needs.
Highlights/ Summary
NJZ’s Freedom High Bay and Helios High-Temperature High Bay Series illuminate evenly facilities up to 12 meters high and withstand the hazardous locations conditions like dust, water, corrosion, and high temperatures.