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Explosion proof equipment Typical Protection type and zone classification(ATEX/IECEx)

  • May 08, 2017
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Zone definition(ATEX&IECEx scheme)
A place in which an explosive atmosphere in the form of a
gas/vapour (or cloud of combustible dust) in air….
Zone 0 (Zone 20)
….is present continuously, or for long periods or frequently.
Zone 1 (Zone 21)
….is likely to occur in normal operation occasionally.
Zone 2 (Zone 22)
….is not likely to occur in normal operation but if it does occur, will persist for a short period only.
Europe explosive hazardous location can be divided into zone 0 (zone 0), zone 1 zone 1) and zone 2 (zone 2), the percentage is about 2%, 28% and 70% ; And by North America standard(NEC500) is divided into Division 1 and Division 2, the percentage of the occurrence of about 5% and 95% respectively. European practice shows that the proportion of area 2 is still growing.

 Type of protection Symbol Typical zone
Intrinsic safety Exia 0
Encapsulation Exma
flameproof Exd 1
Intrinsic safety Exib
Increased safety Exe
Purged/pressurized Exp
Oil Immersion Exo
Sand filled Exq
Encapsulation Exmb
Non-sparking Exn 2

NJZ Warrior explosion proof light is Non-sparking type and designed for zone 2, zone 21 and zone 22, Defender--S explosion proof light is flame-proof type and designed for zone 1, zone 2 as well as zone 21,22 and certified with IECex and Atex and is the top selling item in Europe and middle East as well as South Asia Market.
Ranger, Paladin and Mastlumen are coming out soon.