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Mining Lighting Selections

  • Aug 20, 2019
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Inside mines efficient and safe lighting is essential. These locations entire functioning depends on the artificial light; otherwise, it will be impossible to work inside the mines. To avoid risks and reduce accidents, mining working spaces should be provided with lighting that has minimum levels for reflected light and the systems used must work under the hazardous locations' compliance. 
Lighting used in areas of coal mines which may contain explosive atmospheres must comply with specific standards. Mines are one of the most challenging locations for the hazardous classifications. Not only they need constant and quality lighting systems but they also need to work under extreme conditions. Methane gas and finely divided coal dust in mines account for serious risks of explosions and fires if they get in contact with electrics. Explosion-proof lighting should be used in mining to avoid the propagation in case of an explosion; at the same time, these fixtures must resist dust, vibration, and impacts. 
LED fixtures account for a better solution for this industry providing quality light and a safer environment. Poor lighting is not necessarily the primary cause of the accidents but it is an important aspect because it can trigger other circumstances (poor lighting makes it difficult to miss dangers). Quality lighting must allow the visual inspection of the surroundings and the presence of fractures; for instance, rock slides are not infrequent, but they can be avoided with adequate illumination. Also, the right light helps to distinguish the rocks and their colors. An improper illumination might cause a sense of tiredness and consequent accidents. Lighting systems can reduce miner’s exposure to hazards during both maintenance and operations.
Nowadays, the improvements in Lighting technology have allowed workers in the mines a safer environment and a more effective performance. LED luminaires can improve a miner's ability to see mining hazards and reducing glare (high lighting levels can cause glare and make it difficult to see the objects). The high rendering index provides excellent colors, and they also provide broader and uniform lighting through the mine helping to reduce injuries and the number of accidents.
Governments in well established underground mining systems and the different agencies regulate that the illumination systems in the mines comply with the most rigorous and specific standards; these fixtures also must guarantee a long lifetime utility and an established maintenance program to ensure the operation of the fixtures. 
In NJZ Lighting we offer fixtures designed and created for hazardous locations using the latest technology. Our customers can reduce costs substantially with our low maintenance costs, the reduction in accidents and injuries and in general the impact of the mining industry in the environment. We provide easy installation and reliability of the equipment standards for properly lighting work areas.