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Lighting in Gas Stations

  • Jul 24, 2019
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Fixtures in gas stations have a critical role to provide the right lighting and the success of the facility. The right lighting will help to guide customers inside the station and guarantee their visibility and security. An appropriate lighting helps to attract users creating an atmosphere that portrays confidence and reliability. For instance, the long periods of lighting during night-time demand high quality and reliable performance; in fact, the number of drivers and customers of a gas station are directly related to the illumination provided, so the impact in gas stations provider’s business can be affected with a poor quality illumination system. On the other hand, gas stations are under the hazardous locations classification and are normally located near to residential areas where a large population is present. Therefore, accidents at service stations may lead to significant losses. 
To improve visibility and create the right ambience, LEDs for gas locations should provide excellent color rendering fixtures; they provide lighting with a cool white that suits the dynamics in these facilities giving them a fresh look. Lighting in gas stations is a crucial factor for the everyday business, but it is also one of the most common heat sources at service stations that ignite. In gas stations gases and vapors could reach the upper parts of the constructions and ignite in contact with the luminaries. Differently than other lights, the ones used in gas stations must be able to disarmed themselves internally in order to avoid a secondary explosion and don’t risk users in the locations. Gas explosion risks are complicated, diverse and sometimes unpredictable, for this, LEDs for gas stations are also built up with thermal management components, so that they could also offer a higher surface temperature generated preventing electrical equipment to ignite.  

All together, the particularities of the lighting equipment in gas stations must adhere to the standards of lighting for hazardous locations and not only take into account the performance that they should provide for the location, but also the safety for everyone in their surrounding areas.  In order to assure performance and reliability the fixtures in gas stations must comply with all the regulations and certifications stablished by different international agencies like the UL in the United States and ATex and IECEex certification in Europe and other regions; these agencies also provide a lot of information to understand the importance of the standards for different classifications. LEDs for gas stations are an example of how companies can feature high performance, quality, save money and energy at the same time that they can assure workers and customers safety.
In NJZ Lighting we understand the importance about choosing the right lighting systems for gas stations, so that customers feel attracted to the locations and also can have a nice and safe experience. We provide explosion proof LED lights for gas stations that offer durability, low maintenance costs, multiple mounting options, instant turn on functions, energy savings and quicker return of the investment.