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Hazloc Lighting in Food Processing and Storage Facilities

  • May 25, 2020
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LED lighting designs can drastically improve lighting quality, increase safety and improve working conditions, all while drastically reducing energy costs. Food factories and storage facilities are quite large and must meet specific requirements. The light provided has to be high and constant to reach every corner of the production plant. Some of the challenges for the lighting systems to exceed in these facilities are high temperatures, the height of the assembly, compatibility with previous lighting systems, energy efficiency, the high maintenance costs that constant light demands, and the useful life of the equipment.

In meat processing plants, for instance, every area of operation is under stringent hygiene guidelines and the fixtures should withstand frequent wash-downs; for this reason, they should be sealed and rated to be used in these particular environments. On the other hand, a food and beverage storage facility demands even and consistent distribution of lights; most of them have shelves installed, then the fixtures should ensure that the lighting is distributed and reaching the top and the ends, as well as the bottom. However, for both cases, the ideal for these types of environments are the spectra of cold lights, which greatly improve the quality of vision. They will need a lighting level equivalent to 200lx (level of clarity) and above 10,000lm (amount of light). These factors are taken into account to define the number of lights needed (the higher the ceiling, the greater the loss of light). Taking these aspects into account makes it easier to choose the appropriate luminaire for a facility.

In addition to the level of luminosity, it is necessary to take into account the certification that the luminaires have. Food processing facilities that use raw materials in a powder form require certified explosion-proof fixtures that would provide safety even in hot, and dusty conditions while others require high levels of protection and impact for the fixtures to resist the harsh environments. There are different models of luminaires for processing food factories and large space storage facilities which are capable of providing sufficient light that will thrive in the different working spaces. That is why it is essential to know the type of products that will be made in the plant or the processes that will be executed in it; knowing these characteristics allows the best quality equipment purchase.
The decision regarding the type of lighting that should be installed in a food factory or storage facility is not something that should be left to chance and owner must consider the above mentioned aspects when deciding to migrate to LED lighting. It is necessary to ensure that the chosen lighting systems are adequate to help increase the productivity of the facility and reduce stuff accidents Some of our lighting solutions for the food processing and storage facilities are FEL-E Series Ranger and our FEL –G Series LED linear which offer a good level of luminosity, certification, and energy efficiency.