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LED Fixtures to Replace Linear Fluorescent Tubes

  • Sep 29, 2019
  • By : Admin
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The LED technology has stood out in many fields and the replacement of fluorescent lighting systems with the new LED luminaries is one of them. LEDs provide savings and better efficiency compared to the fluorescent lighting systems.

Some of the main advantages of replacing fluorescents are:
  • Environmental: they do not have mercury or other chemical elements that are highly dangerous for human health and the environment.
  • Durability: LED systems can last more than 50,000 hours, compared to 10,000 of a good fluorescent tube.
  • Automatic function-on: the LEDs, unlike the fluorescent ones, do not need to be charged and do not flash when lighting; they are not affected by the number of times they turn on and off (does not affect their useful life).
  • Resistance: LEDs can withstand much more shock or vibration than fluorescent tubes. They are removable and repairable, something that for fluorescent tubes is unthinkable.
  • Consumption: LEDs consume considerably less than fluorescent tubes. They do not contain a ballast which accounts for 10% of the fixtures energy draw
  • More efficiency: no need for extras to redirect the light such as fluorescents, LEDs emit light in only one direction, which means a great increase on efficiency.
  • Compliance: LED luminaires also comply with the most rigorous standards and are approved for hazardous environments for the international bodies providing more security to workers and users.
With so many benefits on fluorescent lamps, more industrial facilities are renewing their electrical installations using LED technology. If you need to change a fluorescent tube for an LED light it is very simple. The connection of the LED luminaires requires checking the wiring of the fluorescent lamp as follows: 
STEP 1: Turn off the equipment, be sure and check that there is no power to the equipment.
STEP 2: Remove the fluorescent tube disconnect the wiring between the ballast and the tubes
STEP 3: Connect the PHASE to one end of the lamp holder and the NEUTRAL to the other end of the lamp holder.
STEP 4: Check that it turns on… IT IS INSTALLED!
This easy and practical description can help you renew and start saving with LED lights. However, if you have doubts about how to replace the fluorescent lights with LED technology, in NJZ Lighting our staff will be eager to help you with your questions and thus be able to install linear fixtures like our Archer FEL-G Series that not only provide energy savings and reliability but also guarantees good lighting in the installations.
NJZ’s Archer FEL-G Series is an ideal retrofit solution which replaces fluorescents in a very simple process guaranteeing savings, safety and quality of light.