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Hazardous Location Emergency Lighting

  • Jun 18, 2020
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In areas where the ignition can occur lighting fixtures are regulated to prevent lights from an explosion, and some of these fixtures are also designed to function in the event of a power failure. The design allows them to automatically activate within ten seconds (using a battery backup). In the hazardous locations' environment, these lights become an option to ensure safety and locate areas to exit the installations. The option to turn on the emergency lights can avoid disasters in the locations and save the personnel's lives.

Safety lighting fixtures include a light source mounted in an enclosure powered from either an external power source or by a power storage cell mounted in the system. Since both the exit and safety lighting fixtures are used during power outages, most utilize batteries and a sealed-beam light for providing a charging current for the battery and for connecting the sealed-beam light to the battery upon loss of the voltage. Usually, these fixtures and the batteries of the emergency unit are easily accessible removing the front cover. In case of the loss of power the indicator lights are visible from the outside because they are mounted in a crescent-shaped area

NJZ Lighting provides hazardous location lighting with an emergency backup function. Our company assists with these systems meeting all the hazardous location area requirements and compliance as well as the emergency light electronics needs. NJZ’s fixtures provide an economical and readily manufactured hazardous location and emergency light for areas in which an explosive or a potentially explosive atmosphere exists. After power loss, the majority of the time the employees require emergency illumination to facilitate the exit, shut down equipment, and avoid accidents. The use and functioning of emergency lights for providing illumination upon loss of AC power in hazardous environments are crucial for the personnel. The fixtures are ideal for hazardous applications prone to vibration and shock with no outside illumination that in case of an emergency will require artificial illumination to guarantee the safety of people.

Our FEL-E series and FEL-I are manufactured with a battery backed-up, explosion proof exit and safety light to provide an efficient, exit or safety illumination. It also provides all the necessary operation in case of an emergency light isolating these elements from any explosive external atmosphere which may exist; then it becomes a great alternative to conventional emergency lights resisting the surroundings and offering reliability included in only one fixture.

Currently, emergency lighting is required by the international regulatory bodies. Fixtures for hazardous locations help to guarantee the isolation between the interior of the light and the surrounding explosive atmosphere at the same time that feature the emergency function. Our lamps are built in such a manner that all required electronics, switches, and indicators are contained within an explosion-proof housing including a rechargeable battery. At the same time, we provide the guidelines to help with the understanding and the operation of the lighting systems.