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Hazardous Area Explosion Proof Fixtures

  • Jul 24, 2019
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In facilities handling flammable materials, electrical equipment must be suitable for the environment in which it is used; the lighting system must comply with the regulations in terms of how they are built and designed. The presence of hazardous chemicals will influence the lighting selection. These fixtures should provide quality lighting and guarantee the safety of the users and their surroundings. 
Hazardous areas which are classified per the National Electric Code must have luminaires suitable for performing in such environments. Explosion-proof lights can work under certain conditions that traditional lights cannot. One of the most significant features of explosion-proof lights is to ensure that the ignition of the flammable fragments stays inside the fixture. In other words, any explosion that may happen is contained inside the fixture itself. For example, if an explosive penetrates between two electrical contacts, it will explode, but in ex-proof lights, flame-paths interfere withstanding the shock and allowing the gases to exit after they have cooled down through their passage inside the fixture; then, they are not going to trigger the outside atmosphere.
Another particular feature of explosion-proof lights is how they are built according to the temperature classes (T-Ratings); explosion-protected lights are designed in such a way that ignition by the surface is not possible. These lights must not reach the ignition temperature of the potentially explosive atmosphere, so they offer a higher maximum surface temperature generated preventing electrical equipment from providing a means of ignition. That is, the parts which are in contact with the explosive atmosphere can reach higher temperatures that don’t exceed the ignition temperature of the specific gas, vapor, or dust in the location.  

All NJZ Lighting explosion-proof fixtures are created with protection that prevents the transmission of the explosion to the explosive atmosphere surrounding the enclosure and they also can ensure a reliable operation over a wide range of temperatures. They feature silicone rubber inside, and glass in the outside; our explosion-proof lamps feature other protective housing components for specialized purposes, such as impact-resistant, pressure-resistant, completely sealed, waterproof, electrically insulated between others. All of these have a direct impact on their functionality, life usage and the light output; consequently, we are able to offer a guarantee for our unique hazardous locations luminaires that can range from 50,000 to 70,000 hours of life. 
  Hazards arising from the handling of flammable gases, vapors, and dusts are unpredictable; as a result, the protection against these hazards must be carried out in adherence to the requirements. With so many choices available, it is important to guarantee customers and operators that the products are certified by the notified bodies and authorities. In NJZ Lighting we provide long-lasting approved and reliable lighting systems adequate for hazardous locations, we also provide instruction about how they should be installed and in which of the potentially explosive atmospheres it could be safely used.