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HazLoc LED and Energy Savings

  • Sep 02, 2019
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When we think about changing the existent fixtures, one of the first questions is how much money will this mean in savings for our company or business. Nowadays, the necessity of better lighting, durability, at a good price and versatility are in high demand. The development of LED technology for industrial applications offers a possibility to optimize lighting costs reducing around 50% of the energy consumption. 
Energy savings
The savings of a LED fixture compared with others depends on the watts. Before watts used to give the idea of lighting brightness and efficiency, but with LED the watts do not indicate the amount of light produced On average a traditional fixture of 400W can be replaced by a 200 W LED providing similar lighting. The total reduction of power due to greater energy efficiency of the LED systems may result in less industrial panels requiring switches, switches, transformers, and conductors; in this way, the initial investment can be return in about two years.
With the LED technology we do not only have the energy savings but also the lifetime savings. 
The long life of LED (10 times more than conventional lights) implies savings in terms of the lighting quality decrease. The change in the technology and the lifespan of the fixtures makes companies more competitive obtaining greater benefits and reducing installation and maintenance costs. 
The energy consumption with LED technology is five times more efficient than traditional lighting. If you want to migrate to the LED technology it is necessary to consider the technical characteristics of previous installed equipment so that you can be certain of the compatibility with your new LEDs. Nowadays, there are technological improvements that allow the compatibility of LED with previous lighting systems; for instance, our Archer NJZ-FEL-G fixtures prove great for replacing existing fluorescent lighting systems and we offer an incredible 100,000 (L70) m. 
Is it worthy to change the lighting systems for hazardous locations? 
For hazardous locations the technological change is worthy; they are part of the industry that continuously keeps feeding the improvements in the LED technology mainly because of the great benefits that it provides. The applications are vastly diverse and evolving and we all look forward to guaranteeing security in the installations with quality of light at the lowest cost. LEDs not only guarantee energy savings but they also contribute to savings in maintenance all of these providing more options of usage to improve performance like lighting with intensity regulation and dimming options, remoteness connectivity and control of the systems.  
 With the change of the fixtures in Hazardous Locations or industrial applications, the lifespan and costs reductions will provide the location with a safer, more productive, and better-illuminated environment.