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Benefits and Performance of Galaxy Area Light for Parking Lot

  • Dec 09, 2016
  • By : Admin
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Why Galaxy - Area light for parking lots? LED technology is expanding into a variety of applications. Advantages of LED lights over conventional light sources include the following:

    1. Efficiency. Because of the directional nature of LED lighting, nearly 100 percent of the light actually leaves the fixture. NJZ Galaxy area light DLC Premium listing with excellent       2. lighting efficacy up to 130lm/W
    3. Life. LED lamps have been rated from 50,000 to 100,000 hours for some outdoor applications, compared to 15,000 to 35,000 hours for HID lamps.
    4. Durability. Solid-state LED technology is less fragile and susceptible to vibration and damage than conventional lamps.
    5. Maintenance. The increased life and the superior durability of LED lamps significantly reduce maintenance costs.
    6. Uniformity. The directional nature of LED lights provides enhanced control of light distribution and uniformity.
    7. Control. LEDs are easily dimmed or turned on and off for perimeter daylighting or by internal motion sensing resulting in even more savings.

LED technology is good for the environment in that it contains no mercury, and its directional nature reduces light pollution. Testing has indicated a low light output depreciation rate, although LEDs are a relatively new technology and their end-of-life performance is not fully understood. LEDs are heat sensitive and ambient temperatures above 110°F can dramatically reduce light performance and life span.