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FEL-H Series Explosion proof Lighting IPX6 Waterproof Test

  • Aug 07, 2019
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NJZ’s new Hammer FEL- H, particularly, is tested and approved for the standardized IPX6. Differently that traditional lighting our hazardous locations products need continuous testing and sometimes this might be impractical for manufactures, as a result, we have successfully accredited our laboratory to perform the standardized procedure and to collect data to make improvements and predictions. With this test, we can provide information that guarantees the long-term performance of our fixtures.

The IP measures the protection ingress of the enclosure; the degree of protection that an electrical system provides against external dust, fluid or other objects that might pass through.
In the IPX6 test, specifically, the enclosure is completely sealed off from dust (no ingress of dust at all). The testing method exposes the fixtures using powerful water jets and they should remain intact after the water is being sprayed against the enclosure from any direction. During the testing, the samples are subjected to at least three minutes of spray with a water volume of at least 100 litters per minute and a pressure of 100 kN/m².

IPX6 Test
After the test is conducted, we can ensure that our Hammer FEL-H is able to operate safely in it’s intended end-use. IPX6 testing is important for lighting products that are used in outdoor and hazardous locations. We can also prove that gaskets that cover seals in these systems are well-fitted including a shield that blocks water spray. 

No water gets into the fixture
Our laboratory can provide detailed test reports that include pictures, videos, and descriptions of each stage of testing, from start to finish. At the same time, purchasers, and end-users can verify the suitability of the product for the intended application. We have tested IPX6 ingress for a variety of products and our experts are highly trained to ensure that our fixtures are accurate and ready to perform without any problem.