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Top Explosion Proof Lighting Manufacturer China

  • Jul 01, 2020
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The explosive atmospheres or hazardous locations market is in expansion, at the same time that the explosion proof lighting level of certification, requirements, and knowledge by both the buyers and the regulatory authorities is increasing. In order to access this market, it is imperative that manufactures understand the designs and requirements in order to evaluate, choose the right components and reduce costs that these challenging fabrication demands.

Research and Development allow the company to be a leader in the industry and stand out within China’s competitors. Explosion proof lighting used in hazardous environments require revolutionary new luminaries, constant innovation, development, efficient and cost reducing installation and maintenance processes. The lighting engineering and design practices for different classifications vary from chemical and petrochemical plants to mines; for all of these environments continuous research that can not only prove their efficiency, but also guaranty the quality and durability for their lighting sources is mandatory. NJZ is continuously investing in the scientific research where all the products are carefully designed, tested and manufactured in order to provide customers with reliable, and stable products that adhere to the hazardous locations standards around the world.

The design of LED explosion proof light sources presents challenges in designing and maintaining an optimal system to withstand the intended application and environmental conditions. Common challenges and considerations for the explosion proof lights include luminaire placement, the intensity (dispersion-quality of light), thermal management, material selection, safety, and operating systems. It is here where NJZ products succeed maximizing the reliability, safety, and efficiency of their technology by utilizing proven design principles and methods.

In NJZ we are auto sufficient in our design, manufacturing and maintenance of necessary components for the creation of our fixtures. For the manufacturing process, we account with CNC machines, pressure, temperature, photometer testers and salt spray testers which are machines specifically created for the inspection and manufacture of our products; this becomes an advantage for the assembly and guaranty of our products as well as for the development of new products.

The company has evolved to meet the needs and demands of fast moving customers becoming leader while constantly manufacturing and certifying new products. NJZ Lightning is the first explosion proof lights manufacturer in China to receive certification to UL844 Class I division 1 increasing its compromise with the hazardous lighting activities. Part of our success has allowed NJZ to start manufacturing upon specific client’s requests (customized fabrication for complex lighting). Our clients can rely on our engineers, equipment and certified laboratory for the creation of their unique luminaries.

In China, the Hazloc LED lighting industry technology mechanization has increased constantly; however, NJZ is a manufacturer that due to its emphasis on Research and Development of LED light, energy efficiency, and environmentally friendly consideration, has earned the distinction of being one of the most world’s most respected manufacturers of reliable, precise and innovative industrial luminaires. Every fixture is designed and engineered for the industry’s international standards so that we can guarantee maximum longevity and approved explosion proof luminaries.