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Does your office LED Area Lighting make you comfortable?

  • Sep 02, 2016
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NJZ Lighting Technology Co.,Ltd., one of the leading led area light manufacturers in China, told us that someone at New York launched a vote for choosing bright light or soft light on the internal chat. A lot of people join the chat group and vote. There are a variety of views, and the discussion lasted an hour. However, ultimately did not come to a unified result.

Why a discussion about light can be so intense? There is no doubt that the light will stimulate the body to produce significant physiological responses. Psychiatrists Baba Pendse focused on researching the impact of LED lamps light on human mental health. He found that LED lighting can adjust the rhythms of biological cycle, resulting effects on sleeping, alertness and performance. On the contrary, the bright light, especially the light after nightfall glare is easier to help people stay awake. So that Pendse believes, longing for light of people is out of desires of obtaining information. The brighter light gives the clearer environment and the more information can be gathered. ‘Under the bright LED area light we can leisurely read books, or easily see what the kids are doing.’

On the other hand, people won’t have the same feelings in the same lighting. Because everyone reacts to light is different, just as everyone has their own favorite food preferences. So almost no a particular LED lighting can satisfy everybody in the entire office.

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