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Difference Between Explosion-Proof Lights & Intrinsically Safe Lamps

  • Jul 15, 2022
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Explosion-proof lamps and intrinsically safe lamps are twos different types of hazardous area lighting. Hazardous locations can be defined as highly industrialized areas with harsh & hazardous environments that may contain explosive vapors & gases. As a result, they require specialized lighting requirements for safety.

There are five necessary conditions for an explosion:

• combustible material
• combustible agent
• combustible material and combustion agent fully mixed
• confined space
• ignition source

Explosion-proof lights

A light fixture that rated to be explosion-proof means it is designed to prevent the device from being the cause of an external explosion, not that it is able to remain intact after an explosion. An explosion-proof lamp is to isolate the ignition source inside the lamp, hence prevent the contact with the external combustible gas or dust.
Explosion-proof lights are typically made of durable, non-sparking material, with a very thick glass globe over the bulb and other features to ensure that the worker and the surrounding environment stay safe when ignition occur inside the light.

Misunderstanding about explosion-proof lights

There are some common misconceptions about explosion-proof lights. Many people think the working principle behind explosion-proof lamps is by blocking the exchange of internal and external gases so that even if the internal ignition source is generated, it will not detonate external combustible gases. Nevertheless, explosion-proof lights do not have to be "airtight" to perform their function. Many explosion-proof lights allow the exchange between internal and external airflow. The important part of the structural mechanism is to prevent any explosion caused by ignition sources from escaping to harm the worker or ignite gases in the work area further.

Intrinsically Safe lights

Intrinsically safe lights are generally powered by batteries, so the current generated is not enough to cause an electric arc. At the same time, the design of the internal circuit and wiring of the intrinsically safe light can also largely reduce the risk of electric arcs occurring. So intrinsically safe lamps are more about preventing sparks and arcs from being generated, which could cause explosions.

Certification across different regions in the world

All products used in hazardous areas MUST BE CERTIFIED by an approved authority, and different countries or regions have different certification bodies and standards. For example, Canada and the United States use UL, CSA, ETL, etc. standard, while EU use ATEX standard.


Explosion-proof lamp

• Higher voltage and stronger lighting effect
• The wiring of explosion-proof light is easy to understand and straightforward
• Made of sturdy materials for greater durability

Intrinsically Safe Light

• Explosions won’t happen, even in faulty conditions like broken wires or exposed circuit boards
• Most of the intrinsically safe lights are portable and handheld containing batteries

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