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Advantages of LED explosion-proof lights

  • Aug 05, 2022
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There are thousands of companies working in the chemical, oil, mining and other hazardous industries. But there has always been a challenge to the operation of these industries: ensuring the overall safety of not only workers but also valuable property has become critical. As with other protective systems, lighting systems should be safe, robust and efficient in such a work environment, while balancing benefits and costs.
And LED Explosion proof lights are some of those products specially built for these hazardous environments. Let's better understand the advantages of deploying LED explosion-proof lights.
For example, lighting systems in chemical plants need to withstand low temperatures, corrosion, vibration and potentially explosive activities. At the same time the light performance has to meet the demand. LED explosion-proof lamps meet the above-mentioned characteristics.
Let me elaborate on the advantages of LED explosion-proof:

1.      Long service life
At rated power, LED explosion-proof lamps have an average life of 100,000 hours, compared to similar products such as incandescent lamps (more than 1,200 hours) and compact fluorescent lamps (more than 8,000 hours)
2.      Robust and durable
LED bead is basically a small chip encapsulated in epoxy resin, no filament or glass housing is required, coupled with the compact design and sturdy housing, LED explosion-proof lights are shock-resistant, corrosion-resistant, etc.

3.      Environmentally friendly and power saving
Because LEDs are solid-state cold light sources, they have high electrical and optical conversion efficiency, low power consumption and low power consumption. They use approximately 90% less energy than standard lighting fixtures. And the materials used are made of non-toxic materials, unlike fluorescent lamps contain mercury will cause pollution, and LED can also be recycled.

The above tells you that the use of LED explosion-proof lamps has the following advantages for your investment:
• Improved Safety and work efficiency
A good lighting system needs to take into account illuminance, color temperature, color rendering, dazzle, etc. If your factory uses LED explosion-proof lights in hazardous areas, worker safety and efficiency will be greatly enhanced.
• Easy maintenance
LED explosion-proof lights are suitable for multiple scenes due to their compact design, ruggedness and durability, plus their long service life, which greatly reduces the number of times you have to maintain them later
• Power saving
LED explosion-proof lamps can save about 90% of electricity compared to traditional lamps. Some LED explosion-proof lights can also be intelligently controlled with timer shutoff and color temperature adjustment

Conclusion‍,Providing factory facilities with the best explosion-proof light systems not only saves workers' precious lives, but also saves hard-earned money that could be further invested in expanding operations.