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Supply High Quality Galaxy area light

From: www.njzlighting.com Sep 29, 2016
As the wholly-owned subsidiary of China Transmission Group, NJZ Lighting dedicates to be one of the best LED area light manufacturers in the world. We achieve this through our core technology, advanced design and superior quality of LED lighting products. As for the LED lighting products, the LED area lights are our star products. And today, we will introduce one of them, the Galaxy area light.

LED area light
Galaxy area light has the following features:
1. DLC Premium listing with excellent lighting efficacy up to 130lm/W
2. Type-II/III/IV/V lighting distributions meet various area lighting requirements, especially for parking lot lighting, garage lighting and plaza area lighting
3. Philips Advance driver offers reliable local service
4. Unique structure design for modern architectural aesthetics
5. Self-cleaning function to achieve best heat dissipation; make sure excellent performance and long lifespan
6. Well designed bottom cover, free pulling down, easy for installation and maintenance
7. Photocell and motion sensor optional for intelligent control

Galaxy area light application
Parking lot Main streets, secondary trunk roads, sidewalks, residential areas, industrial parks, squares, parks, schools and gardens.

LED area light
If you want to know more about this Galaxy area light or other LED products, welcome to send email to us at inquiry@njztech.com. As one of the most professional LED area light manufacturers in China, NJZ Lighting promises to reply every email seriously.

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