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NJZ Helios High-Temperature High Bay fixtures

  • Jun 24, 2020
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NJZ’s High-Temperature High Bay fixtures produce light more efficiently, and with better quality for extreme environments. Applications like foundries die casting facilities, and steel mills experience drastic temperatures and are classified locations that demand the latest LED technology. If the luminaires intended use is a   harsh environment, heatproof lights are very important because heat is the main cause of fixture failure and accidents. 
Helios High-Temperature High Bay and Heat High Bay are designed to withstand up to 80°C and 70°C respectively, which is critical for safety, security, and productivity. The performance of our High-Temperature High Bays relies greatly on thermal management. Our fixtures are leading the industry with the latest heat sink technology and thermal management solutions. We built precise fixtures with an innovative cooling system where the heat generated by the LED transfers to the cooling module by long radiation fins. At the same time that we account with equipment that is able to test the systems and the thermal impedance between the LEDs, the radiators and the heat sinks
NJZ’s High-temperature High Bays are also protection resistant (IP67) and have endured a 10000 hours lumen maintenance test in our laboratory. Additionally, the fixtures account for less energy consumption and a reduction in maintenance costs (5 years warranty). Our LEDs are proven to withstand the hottest ambient environments and are a reliable lighting alternative. We can assure fixtures for hazardous environments that are thermally efficient, with long operating life and low maintenance costs.