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Remote Driver Operation

Cable Extension
Distance between the power supply and luminaire can be extended up to 30m. The voltage drop on the cable must not exceed 2V. 4mm² cable is recommended for 30m extension.

7 different optics

15°/ 30°/ 60°/ 90°/ 120°/30*120°/ T3
available for different applications from narrow to assymetric light distribution







Type III

Easy and Through Wiring

Built-in wiring compartment with two cable entries and WAGO 221 lever connectors for easy wiring ( 0.5~4mm2)

Protect your investment

Wire guard accessories available to add and protect the device from impact

Protect Night SKY

Glare Shield accessories available to protect against light pollution during nights

Extra safety

Safety cable accessory available to add and protect the device from dislocation

Durability Test