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7 Mounting Options

Swivel Surface


Ceiling Mount

Wall 90°

Wall 25°

Stanchion 90°

Stanchion 25°

1 Min Installation


Hinged design for hands-free wiring during installation and servicing.


Built-in three WAGO 211 lever Connector with 3-pole 4mm² max conductor for easy wiring


Captice screw applied for secure fastening and quickly re-installation of wiring

3 Lens Option

For Max lumen output

For Minimum glare

Well Glass
For Wide beam spread

Protect your investment

Surge protector accessories available to add and protect the device from voltage spikes

Protect Night SKY

Glare Shield accessories available to protect against light pollution during nights

LED Maintenance

L70 rated life of 150,000 hours which means to last 17 years at 24 hours daily operation

Durability Test