Road Lighting Project, Nanjing, China, 2016


Location: Nanjing,China

Product Model: NJZ-SLA-300RR-A0

Tianyin Road Lighting Project

Introduction: Tianyin Road lighting retrofit project, respectively adopting 150W and 100W NJZ Street light as main and auxiliary street lamp instead of 400W HPS lamps. Space between two lamps is 35m and all lamps are 11 meters high, lux level on floor is 40Lx. The bat-wing light distribution offers uniformity luminance without glare. Road lighting accord with initial design standard, totally reach up to city street lighting standard CJJ-45-2006. NJZ street lamps energy saved 65% compared with HPS lamps.

Tianyin Road Lighting Project

Tianyin Road Lighting Project


Product Specification:

Power: 150W(main street lamp), 100W(auxiliary), Light Efficiency≥100Lm/W, Ra≥70, Lamp color: White