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Diesel Engine Factory Lighting Project, Nantong, China


Location: Nantong,China

Product Model: NJZ-STLA-150PI



The workshop is 8 meters high, and space between two lamps is 8 meters. After being installed NJZ 150W LED high bay, flux level on floor accord with initial design standard, and totally reach up to building lighting standard GB/T 50034—2004. NJZ High bay energy saved 63% compared with HPS lamps.

Nantong Diesel Engine Factory Lighting Project

Lux level on the floor: Max=253Lux, Min=190Lux, Ave= 237Lux

Both total lighting uniformity, longitudinal uniformity and transverse uniformity are above 0.8, which achieved high light efficiency.

Nantong Diesel Engine Factory Lighting Project

Product Specification:

Power: 150W, CCT: 5700K, Light Efficiency≥90Lm/W, Ra≥70, Working Voltage: 110-220V, PF≥0.95, IP rate: IP67, Current: 860mA, Beam Angle: 60°, Lamp Color: Silver