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NJZ at the HK International Lighting Fair 2019

From: www.njzlighting.com Nov 08, 2019

The HK International Lighting Fair 2019 (Autumn Edition) was another great opportunity to catch up on the latest advancements in industrial lighting and network with those new and old friends. As people walked the aisles at the show, it became clear that Chinas’ technologically advanced and design oriented companies are getting much more attention. NJZ Lighting in particular. We even run out of brochures on Day #2 and kept ourselves busy with a large audience.

The LED lighting market is changing; there were fewer American customers in the Light fair, but instead we were surrounded by a great deal of European customers that highlighted their trust in NJZ and its knowledgeable team. Our two main attractions this year were our Archer Series and our High Temperature High-Bay 80°C cabinet. NJZ was promoting  the new additions to our LED fixture line The Archer FEL-G Series, and the Victory Series. Archer most attractive features were primarily energy savings (with an eye on design), the ability to replace fluorescent lights; its compact design for explosion proof and emergency feature. 

Keeping it simple, NJZ proudly shared the 80 °C  high temperature cabinet that attracted a vast audience of people who could experience themselves the heat that our high temperature fixture can withstand. Also, we focused on offering our fixtures types that  cover most of the hazardous locations demands, our Defender FEL-H and Warrior FEL-D Series. Safety for your business and for the future is always our highest priority. The LED lighting industry is getting more personal and customizable every day, that is why in NJZ Lighting we are persisting with technological innovation, so that we can create value products and increase our  customers loyalty. 

The HK International Lighting Fair always gives us an opportunity to present our new products, get closer feedback from our customers, and get to know potential partners, so this year was no different. Thanks to everyone who joined NJZ at the Lighting fair! We are proud to share our success and the technology advancements that continuously makes us grow.