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Street Lighting Project, Nanjing, China, 2016


Location: Nanjing,China

Product Model: NJZ-SLA-300RR-A0

Nanjing Xixia District Xixia road lighting project

Introduction: Nanjing Xixia district Xixia road 30-meter wide, whose main road has 6 lanes in two-way, non-motor vehicle and sidewalk in two sides. Designed lux level for main road is 35Lx, while actual test result is 42lx after being installed NJZ-SLA-300W 3000K color temperature street lamps.

Product Specification:

Power: 300W, CCT: 3000K, Light Efficiency≥95Lm/W, Ra≥70, Working Voltage: 100-220VAC, PF≥0.95, IP rate: IP67, Current: 860mA. Lamp color: White