Centre Street Lighting Project, Fuyu country, China, 2016


Location: Fuyu country,China

Product Model: NJZ-SLA-200W-PI

Centre Street Lighting Project

Introduction: Fuyu country centre street is 7319 meters long, 4 lanes in two-way. Green belt is arranged between main and auxiliary road which are adopted 200W+120W LED street lamp. Space between two lamps is 50 meters and lamps are installed 12 meters high. Road lighting accord with initial design standard, totally reach up to city street lighting standard CJJ-45-2006. NJZ street lamps energy saved 48% compared with HPS lamps.

Lux level on floor: Max=48.5Lux, Min=17.8Lux, Ave= 28.5Lux

Both total lighting uniformity, longitudinal uniformity and transverse uniformity are above 0.9, which achieve high light efficiency.

Product Specification:

Power: 200W, CCT: 5500K, Light Efficiency≥95Lm/W, Ra≥70, Working Voltage: 110-220VAC, PF≥0.95, IP rate: IP67, Current: 860mA, Light distribution: Bat wing light distribution, Lamp color: white